Gallery shop

Le Bok is a curious traveler who loves to collect the beautiful articles he discovers on his travels. Unfortunately, his cupboards are full to the brim and so he must part with some of his collection to make way for more new articles.He hopes that he will find someone who loves them as much as he has done so that he can give then a new home. Le Boks collection includes a wide variety of articles from around the word, however the core of his collection is based on handmade products local to Pai Thailand including.
  • Contemporary Art work by Pai & Chiang Mai residents
  • Handmade Soaps & Lotions
  • Weavings, Fabrics and Rugs using traditional Hill Tribe techniques with contemporary colour themes.
  • Antiques & Curiosities
  • Vintage Jewelry & Clothes
  • Locally produced Coffee
Please check our facebook page for latest collection, we can take payment online and ship worldwide. Full Interior Design services for businesses or homes are also available on request, including concept, buying, custom made furniture and fabrics