COVID-19 Policy


Hotel will use only one entrance. All staff an guests will have their temperature checked each time they enter the property.

Anyone with temp > 37.5 will not permitted to enter the property.

Guests who have a temp > 37.5 will be taken to a quarantine room which is located outside the hotel grounds and medical assistance will be arranged.

Log book

A log book is completed by the duty manager daily recording recent travel history and symptoms for staff and guests. 


Service staff:  face mask all times and white cloth glove when serving.

Food prep staff: face mask & disposable latex gloves 

Housekeepers: face masks & disposable latex gloves whilst cleaning guest rooms and public areas.

Porter: face masks & cloth gloves when carry anything to the room 

Driver: face masks when driving car or tuktuk

Restaurant Rules

Each table will be used only 1 seating per session ( breakfast, lunch and dinner) allowing time to thoroughly clean the area before the next usage.

All menus available by mobile phone app, or disposable one use printed paper for guest who do not possess their own smart phone.

Food will be covered with a dome when carried to the restaurant or room service.

Cars rules

Touch surfaces disinfected after each use.

  • Door handle outside and inside
  • Window open button 
  • Seatbelt buckle.

Room Sanitation 

Ozone generators will be used to sterilise the room between each new guest check in.

Rooms will be cleaned thoroughly with appropriate disinfectants with special attention to touch surfaces   

    • Air con remote
    • TV remote 
    • Telephone buttons and receiver
    • Door handles inside outside and bathroom
    • Shower bath and basin taps
    • Toilet flush & spray
    • Light switches


Hand sanitizer will be available in all public areas. 7Touch Surface cleaner

Action Plan in suspected case of COVID-9


Criteria: temp >37.5 or signs of cough or other respiratory illness.

Send staff home immediately. 

Record in log book any staff that has had close contact with suspected case for follow up monitoring. 

Staff cannot return to work until they provide a doctors note confirming they are fit to work and have no symptoms


Where guests present with a cough but no fever they will be admitted to the property however must wear a mask at all times and will be requested to leave public spaces if they are coughing.

Where guests present with a temperature  > 37.5 they will not be permitted to enter the property. They will be escorted to a dedicated quarantine room located outside the main resort property. The quarantine rooms are comfortable and equipped to the same standard as the deluxe hotel guest rooms. 

The guest may reside within the quarantine room for the duration of their stay, or may check out early according to their preference and providing the health authority does not mandate quarantine.

Where guests have belongings already within the main hotel property, our staff will relocate to the quarantine zone on behalf of the guest.

Within the quarantine zone guests will be able to order room service and other essentials.

If the guest with fever wishes to check out early they will be offered a full refund for any nights unspent. Where the guest chooses to stay in the quarantine zone or where mandated by the health authority to do so the guest will be charged the lessor of either their original room rate or 1,800 THB per night.