The Story

South East Asia in the early 20th century, Western explorers forge deep into the exotic cultures of the East. The Great War has been over for nearly a decade. From Shanghai to New York the party is set to a soundtrack of big band Jazz. Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and company provide the soundtrack. New advances in transportation allow those hungry for adventure and wealth to try their luck in faraway lands. For those fortunate enough to be successful an easy decadent existence follows. The fashions and trends they carry with them merge into the local cultures and an intoxicating blend ensues. At Reverie Siam we celebrate this blend, choosing to remember as if by the dreams of those who might have participated long ago, in those heady days of romance, adventure and elegance.

The Experience

Reverie Siam hosts an intimate and fresh interpretation of luxury hospitality. Located in the beautiful and unspoiled hills of Northern Thailand famous for its warm hearted and friendly people, genuine hospitality comes naturally to our team. This warm hearted nature combined with a commitment to the highest standards of quality and service ensure that guests of the Reverie Siam ?experience a deeply relaxing and truly memorable occasion from the moment of arrival to the last goodbye